Saturday,  May 19 @ MasterCraft Seattle in Redmond, WA from 5PM-8P PreSeason Party to celebrate the upcoming boat season. Music, Raffle, Food, Discounts and more! Bring the Family, bring Friends and get to know our MasterCraft Family!

Music provided by DJ Max Kraner

Catering by Stan’s Bar-B-Q

KickOff Discounts 25-30% off all Closeouts Ronix, Hyperlite, Slingshot, Inland Surf

Come hang out with MasterCraft Team Ri [...]
HUGE MasterCraft REBATES Last Week for These Great Deals! The time has come. The amazing MasterCraft Rebates up to $25,000 on new 2017 models are ending this Friday at 6pm! If you are in the market for a towboat and considering buying one next year, do not wait! The remaining 2017 models are top of the line when it comes to innovations and performance. We do not want you to miss out on these amazing deals, so we have made every 2017 MasterCraft remaining in our inventory the Boat of the Week. As the Boat of the Week, you will get the amazing rebates listed below as well as an increased value on the bonus gift card. For this week only, we are bumping up the value of the $500 gift card to our proshop, The Wake Shop, to $1000! So to snag the rebates up to $25,000 and to get the free $1000 proshop gift card, be sure to have your deposits in by this Friday the 30th by 6pm! Don’t wait. Hurry in – these deals are gone end of business Friday! WHY GET A MASTERCRAFT? MasterCraft quality, construction, innovations, and fun have been awarded time and time again. We purposefully build our boats with outstanding constructio [...]

2016 Model Liquidation

Up to $40,000 of all remaining 2016 model year boats.
MasterCraft has announced huge rebates up to $40,000 on all remaining 2016 MasterCraft models.  That's right, you can save huge on new MasterCrafts while remaining inventory lasts.  Qualifying boats are limited but include models like NXT20, NXT22, X10, X30, X23, and X26. Click the link below to see current 2016 Closeout inventory or call 425.298.4705 for more information.  With rebates this huge, these boats won't last long.  Rebates end June 30th so hurry down and get your new Mastercraft today!


Avoid Engine Damage Due to a Bad Impeller
DOES YOUR IMPELLER LOOK LIKE THIS?   WHAT DO IMPELLERS DO? Impellers pump cold water into your boat's engine to cool it down while in use. If you have a bad impeller it can cause big problems. HOW DO IMPELLERS BECOME DAMAGED? Your boat's impeller is a series of rubber vanes molded around a hub. The tips of these flexible vanes can wear out for many reasons due to simple use or if the boat is in sandy water. Abrasive sandlike material can cause the impeller to wear out faster. Impellers can also wear out by becoming stiff and brittle due to the motor sitting unused for several seasons or being exposed to heat. Water lubricates the impeller, and if it's run dry, the impeller can be ruined in a few seconds. WHAT HAPPENS IF THE IMPELLER FAILS? If your impeller fails, the pump can't pump cool water to the engine causing your engine to overheat. If you catch that your impeller is failing early on, you might avoid major problems. However, if you're not fortunate enough to catch a bad impeller, the results can be catastrophic to your engine. WHAT TO DO IF YOU HAVE A BAD IMPELLER? The general rule is to have your impeller changed every year - the best time being during your Summerization service appointment. If you suspe [...]
CUSTOM BOARD COMPANIES MasterCraft’s GEN2 Surf System gives you the most customizable wave in the industry.  Now you can customize your wake even more with a custom wakesurf board. is the place to go to get a one-of-a-kind handcrafted wakesurf board designed by you from wakesurf board companies: Skullcrackers, Soulcraft or Brigade.   HOW TO ORDER To order your custom Wakesurf board visit and call’s director Kevin Lepic at 425-298-4705. The shows that all custom handmade boards are “Sold Out”, however custom boards are created specifically for each individual client. When you call Kevin Lepic from, he will coordinate with you and Brigade, Skullcrackers or Soulcraft to get your custom board designed.

2017 Pre-Boat Show Sale

Better than boat Show pricing.
BETTER THAN BOAT SHOW PRICING Do you want boat show discounts on new MasterCrafts but don't want to deal with the boat show crowds? Well now you can have it all! You are invited to MasterCraft Seattle's Pre-Boat Show sale. Come to MasterCraft Seattle this Friday Jan. 20 - Saturday Jan. 21 for BETTER THAN BOAT SHOW pricing on MasterCrafts. WE WILL FEED YOU! Take advantage of being the first to choose from our current MasterCraft inventory. While you browse for the perfect boat, help yourself to our catered taco bar and drinks at no charge to you. Our complimentary tacos will be available to you this Friday and Saturday afternoon during our Pre-Boat Show sale. Friday and Saturday January 20-21, 2017 MasterCraft Seattle 8710 Willows Road NE, Suite C Redmond, WA 98052 PROSHOP CLEARANCE BLOWOUT Continue the savings with our ProShop Clearance Blowout! has impeccable prices on current and clearance gear. Here are some great deals going on this weekend: Get an additional $25 off the S [...]
HOURS & LOCATION CenturyLink Field Event Center 800 Occidental Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98134 MON-THU: 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. FRIDAYS: 11 a.m. - 9 p.m. SATURDAYS: 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. SUNDAY 1/29: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.Chandler's Cove South Lake Union 901 Fairview Avenue North Seattle, WA 98109 WEEKDAYS: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. SATURDAYS: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. SUNDAY 1/29: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. THE WEST COAST'S BIGGEST BOAT SHOW Come see MasterCraft Seattle at the biggest boat show on the West Coast! As the World’s #1 Largest MasterCraft Dealer Group, we have more buying power with MasterCraft. What does this mean for you? Simply, MasterCraft Boat Company has allotted us special permission to give you the absolute best prices on MasterCrafts. On top of these already huge savings, MasterCraft Seattle is also offering additional “Boat Show” discounts. So if you are thinking about buying a new boat, the Boat Show is the time to buy a highly awarded, quality built MasterCraft. With features like DockStar, and the GEN2 Surf System, MasterCrafts are no doubt the greatest boats on the water. TICKET PRICES Order e-tickets to the 2 [...]
Santa Needs A Sub Get into the Christmas spirit and join MasterCraft Seattle for our first annual "Sub for Santa - Bows with Bows" event! Fill our boat bows with Christmas bows and give needy children around Washington a Christmas to remember! HOW TO PARTICIPATE To be one of Santa's little helpers, be sure to stop by our dealership, during business hours to drop off a new, unwrapped present for a child of any age. Feel free to be creative! If you would rather donate money, we will gladly accept any charitable donation you would like to offer. FIRST PLACE Your charitable donations will be sent to First Place School, a private nonprofit located in Seattle's Central District.They serve children and families experiencing trauma with a holistic program of culturally competent educational and support services. First Place operates two educational programs [...]
Exciting news for you! We have a huge selection of Pre-owned boats and each one is attached to a $1000 ProShop gift card. That’s right, with the purchase of any Pre-owned boat, you will get a $1,000 gift card to stock it up with. We have models ranging from years 2015 – 2003. Don’t miss the chance to get into a quality boat for the fraction of the price. Sale ends November 25th. See qualifying inventory below.
DIFFERENT ROPES FOR DIFFERENT SPORTS Wakeboard ropes and ski ropes are completely different.  Ski ropes, you want more stretch.  Wakeboard ropes you want the complete opposite, no stretch at all.  Why? In order to get some major air off the wake, wakeboarders need to load up the rope.  If the rope is too stretchy, you won’t be able to perform your tricks as well. WAKEBOARD ROPE MATERIALS The material you choose for your wakeboard rope will affect the way you ride. There are 3 main wakeboard rope materials to choose from: Poly E, Dyneema and Spectra. Poly E: This is a low stretch material, making it more forgiving as it absorbs the shock of cutting through the wake which is perfect for beginner riders.  Poly E is the least expensive wakeboard rope available.  It stretches up to 3% of its length under normal riding loads.  If you are a more serious wakeboarder, Poly E is not for you. Dyneema: This material is as strong as a wire and has no stretch.  Dyneema performs well in saltwater, has strong UV and abrasion resistance and outperforms steel and other synthetic rope materials. Spectr [...]
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