Easy to epic, breaking left or right, steep or mellow…with plenty of push at all lengths. Gen 2 is precise and consistent too, so you can create the same unique waves across the widest range in the industry.


DockStar’s breakthrough design delivers the ultimate control with a system of additional rudders that deflect prop wash beneath the boat. The result is precise steering while reversing—in both port and starboard directions. 


Rest easy knowing Ilmor is relentless when it comes to precision-made, rigorously tested, and continuously improved engines. And backing that trust up, Ilmor engines have an unprecedented seven year, 1000 hour, factory backed warranty—the most comprehensive in the towboat industry.

Star Series

If you know, you know. The Star Series is legendary when it comes to performance—without sacrificing luxury and comfort. This is a family of boats designed to do one thing: be the best in the world at what they do. Get ready for pulling performance that pushes the limits.



X Series

The X Series is where refinement and sophistication meet performance and power. When you get into an X Series boat you’re getting the best of the best, regardless of size category. Every one is sport tuned, fully automated, highly customizable and optioned to the max. It’s all premium, everything from stem to stern.




XT Series

The XT Series of boats live right in the sweet spot. All the sizes, all of the sports, all of the awesome and nothing you don’t need. Way above entry level but not designed to overwhelm you with extras either—dial in the perfect XT for you and your family and get after it all summer long.






NXT Series

The NXT Series is for those who want to have the best time possible, all summer long—but don’t have unlimited resources to drop on every single extra. It starts at an attainable price and comes standard with the performance and quality MasterCraft is known for. There’s an NXT for everybody at a price that won’t sink your wallet.



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