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Make Your Summer RAD-ical

Before wakeboarding was invented, watersports pioneers of the 1960’s experimented with objects to ride behind the boat. Some of the more successful riding devices were wooden discs. Grandpa would take a piece of plywood to his woodshop and cut it into a circular shape. The family would take turns ‘discing’ in between water ski sets. It was a great way to introduce people to riding behind the boat without the learning curve associated with waterskiing. 50 years later, we’ve combined the nostalgia of the past with the advanced materials and construction methods of today to give you the all new RAD discs and the FAD board. The Round Aquatic Devices (RADs) allow anyone, regardless of skill level, to participate in a day behind the boat. Everyone is guaranteed to get up on the 5′ RAD+…you can put the handle in the handle hook, sit, stand or kneel, and away you go. For a more advanced ride, or once you’ve mastered the RAD+, try out the smaller 3′ RAD disc or the Fun Aquatic Device (FAD board). The riding possibilities are endless. Fun for all ages, the FAD and RADs are guaranteed to turn some heads on your lake this summer.


Since the release of the NXT series last summer MasterCraft has given us more than the competition.More fun. More sun. More waves and more of the good times. Everybody loves more—much more.

Meet the NXT22. It’s taking the entry-level crossover category up to the next level. We started with everything we love about the NXT20 and made it bigger and badder in every way—with more ballast, more power, more maneuverability and more room for more friends.

Learn more about how the NXT gives you MORE.

Welcome to the Jungle

This is the proving ground, where put up meets shut up. We’re surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, 2400 miles from the nearest continent.

This is the place where surf was born. Where respect is earned and kept in check, wave by wave. Where family and brotherhood still mean something. Where relaxation is a profession. Where the jagged mountains give way to mirrored rivers that lead to the sea.

This is where we go to great lengths to get it right. Where we continue to blur the lines between getting barreled and making them, where we test ourselves. Where we push past ordinary.

This place is why we designed the all-new MasterCraft X23. For people who understand that water is a way of life.


Some buyers base their surf boat purchase on the size of the wave. The thinking goes something like: “big wave equals best boat.” If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered as the Gen 2 Surf System produces massive waves. However, it’s 2015 and we’re in a new era of features to consider. Ease of operation, waves tuned to ability levels, safety and efficiency. Here’s what earned Gen 2 an NMMA Innovation Award…

“I’m Totally Sold”

The all new MasterCraft X23 is making boat owners speak up. We knew the X23 was going to make a big splash. Start with MasterCraft’s legendary quality, add incredible handling and then put the longest, cleanest surf wave in the industry behind it–and you’re going to end up with something good. So we invited 23 seasoned boat buyers from across North America for a demo. Some were MasterCraft lifers, others were skeptics and almost half of them bought the X23 just hours after seeing it for the first time–while 100% agreed it was the best surf boat they had ever experienced.

The Best Boat


The Big Picture

Blurring the Lines

It’s 103 ̊ and the offshore breeze feels like a hair dryer. Time is standing still. Humidity, off the charts. We are surrounded by jungle, covered in salt, on the move and beyond stoked. This is the kind of fun that’s never been done.

In the early summer of 2014 we set out on a surf trip like no other. The centerpiece is the new MasterCraft X20, designed for surf from the fins up. The heart of our crew is a hand-picked roster of heavy hitters: Tom Curren, Alejandro Moreda and Donavon Frankenreiter.

The vibe of the journey is laid back meets big water. Following the rough, dusty road, paddling out when it’s firing. Rolling our own when it’s flat. Shredding riverheads, idling through estuaries and ripping daily.

We are making music, burning film, starting fires, opening bottles, breaking boundaries, crossing borders and blurring the lines. We are reinventing the surf trip and this is the record of that experience.

Behind the Scenes

We love our jobs. Especially when it involves bringing our favorite action sports icons (Travis Pastrana), wizards of wake (Parks Bonifay) and big time Hollywood directors (Jeff Tremaine) together to stir up the action and help launch our new line of entry-level awesome. Here’s a look at how the kick-off content shoot went down.

The NXT is a 20-foot MasterCraft designed and built in the same factory as our legendary line of premium towboats. Packed with performance in a product that will hold its value, we’re excited to open up the MasterCraft brand to a whole new audience. This is for the customer who has always wanted a MasterCraft but believed it was just out of reach…now there’s no reason to settle for a second-class ride. And those who are frustrated with the limited possibilities with their I/O boat, take heart. The NXT is the perfect introduction to a variety of action, including wakesurfing. Nicely equipped starting at $50,000 USD, this is the most accessible MasterCraft ever. With good credit, a sample payment is about $400 a month.

Visit to for more information and to design your dream ride.

2014 MasterCraft Gen 2 Surf System | "MISSION 05: DOUBLE BARREL"

Perfect surf is calling. Locked and loaded, powerful yet uncomplicated. This is what we live for. Introducing the MasterCraft Generation 2 Surf System. Pack your quiver and bring your crew. Take control of an endless curl with size, length and push at all lengths. Instantly rip port to starboard transfers at the touch of a screen, and switch from a surf set to a wakeboard set just as easily. THIS IS THE FUTURE AND YOU CAN RIDE IT RIGHT NOW.

2014 MasterCraft ProStar | "MISSION 04: HISTORY IS HISTORY"

In 1968, an aerospace engineer-turned-ski school instructor named Rob Shirley was frustrated with the lack of technology available for towing skiers across water. To solve this problem, Rob and his team designed the first performance ski boat. MasterCraft Hull #1 was born in a barn and the final product, simply the MasterCraft inboard tournament ski boat, proceeded to rewrite the rules.

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